High demand for Turkish Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples - Fresh Plaza 01.04.2022

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Although the apple season is still ongoing in Turkey, the growers of Ana Fruit are already getting prepared for the next season. According to Kubra Guven, marketing manager for the Turkish exporter, it’s important to host special training for the growers: “As the weather has been cold, there is mobility in the domestic market. Apple prices in storage have gone up a lot. At the same time, the apple growers are starting the preparations of their gardens for next season's crops. Last week, our agricultural engineers and one more agricultural expert have been doing our training meetings with the growers regarding the efficient use of pesticides and how they should treat their gardens. We are planning to continue apple packings until June and at the same time we’re aiming to assist the growers to have more quality efficient crops each and every year.”

“At the moment, we have availability of Red Delicious- Granny Smith- Crisp Pink and also a little of the Fuji varieties. The highest demand is for Red Delicious and the second would be Granny Smith apples.”

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