“Demand for Turkish cherries is better than last year” -Fresh Plaza 09.06.2022


The season for Turkish cherries has truly kicked off. Although the early harvest had seen large volumes, the middle harvest provinces will have to make do with lower amounts of cherries. One exporter states it’ll be important for them to increase the popularity of the Turkish cherries in the Asia market.

One of the company’s main goal this season will be to establish a better position in the Asian countries, Guven explains. “The crop volumes in the early harvest areas were very solid, however lower volumes are expected in the middle harvest provinces. For us, this season’s goal is to establish a permanent spot for the Turkish cherries in the Asian market. We’ll have to make sure that we serve a good quality and tasty fruit with the right price to our customers. We export our cherries to more than 30 countries across the globe.”

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