In 1995, ANA Fruit has founded., For some years now, AnaMeyve has been trying to offer a wider range of services to ensure greater customer satisfaction. With our new packaging equipment, we can offer a full service of providing Cherry on the spot, while minimizing time and cost. we are known for our high-quality produce, as we make certain that everything we grow, and sell is compliant with international quality standards. AnaMeyve Export now is the one of the largest exporters of fresh produce in Turkey and supplies to customers all over the world. We bring our produce to the market directly from the field.

Our fields span over hectares and are located all over In Eğirdir`s superb climate and our unique growing technologies contribute to the rich diversity of products in our portfolio. We are proud to produce and offer a wide range of fruits, including cherry, fig, apple, pomegranate and quince.

After 10 years of supplying fresh fruits, we're still hungry.

While Ana Fruit was founded in 1995, our mission to grow and export fresh global produce home continues to be as relevant, challenging and exciting as it's been throughout our history.

Our Reputation is our Passion

We have earned a reputation for grow and export the highest quality fresh fruits and servicing our customers with unequaled satisfaction.

At Ana Fruit, our focus is not only the quality of our produce, but also, for the long-term partnerships we establish with our clients and importers. By developing relationships build on integrity, trust and delivering a level of service that matches the exceptional quality of our produce, these partnerships outlast any season.

Our buyers always demand the highest quality. What’s more, we have not only the enviable reputation of maintaining longstanding relationships with many well-known brands but also the largest network of suppliers.

Choosing Ana Fruit means having access to the largest sections of convention and organic fruits under one roof.



In our province, especially in the name of Turkish Cherry, which has a reputation for export quality and high quality fruit in the market sought being a kind and the strength of the road in terms of fruit characteristics is very good, fruit flesh hard, long stalk property, very due to its delicious and aromatic properties, the 0900 agriculture variety is mainly Lambert, Stella, Starks Gold, Regina, Sweetheart, Cordia, Bing and Lapins are produced.

Especially in Isparta Center, Uluborlu, Senirkent, Keciborlu, Atabey districts, Cherries are produced.

Telescopi Box 20 x 30 cm 2,50 kg
Telescopi Box 30 x 40 cm 5,00 kg
Wooden Box 20 x 30 cm 2,50 kg
Wooden Box 25 x 40 cm 4,00 kg
Wooden Box 30 x 40 cm 5,00 kg
Cardboard Box 30 x 40 cm 5,00 kg


Cardboard Box 30 x 40 cm

Selection of varieties is very important in pomegranate cultivation. Varieties adapted to that region's climate,             resistant to diseases, good yield, fruits are suitable for people's taste and taste and carry             should be durable. Variety selection according to the purpose of commercial table or industrial varieties to grow             decision should be made. In addition, the size of the fruit of these varieties, shell color and thickness, grain color,             be able to meet the needs such as soft nucleation, wateriness.

Pomegranate varieties that are popular in the country are light piquant or sweet seedless and large fruit. For export to Europe, especially red and tart varieties should be selected. Arab countries sweet pomegranates should be preferred for export.


Telescopi Box 33,5 x 49 cm

Apple is a cultivated type of fruit from the rosaceae (rosakae) family. Apple is a type of fruit that needs winter rest and the need for cooling is longer than other fruits. Turkey ranks 3rd in the world next to close in about 4 million tons of production. Nearly 700 thousand tons of production of Turkey will be produced in Isparta. Apple contains A, B group vitamins and vitamin C not only vitamin store, but also iron phosphorus copper minerals and fiber source has many benefits to our health.

Fuji: The tree is very strong, the color of the fruit is orange and red yellow. Fruit is slightly sour juicy and hard textured. It is one of the popular types of apples

Gala: is one of the most popular apple cultivars in the world. Tree development is very strong. Colors are mixed red and orange. Fruit is juicy and crunchy sweet than sour.

Granny Smith: Granny Smith apple with a sour taste is juicy. It has a hard shell structure. While it has high fiber and potassium ratio, it also shows an anti oxidant property.

Starkin (Red Delicious): Tree medium strength fruit color is bright yellow and red colors. Fruit is sweet.

Golden: The bark is dull yellow, green sparsely white spotted fruit flesh tight less piquant very juicy and pleasantly fragrant.


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