Turkish grower and exporter Ana Fruit expects a higher volume this year - Fresh Plaza 21.05.2021

"Demand for cherries rather high at the moment"


“As is the norm at the start every season, demand is rather high at the moment. Our main market is Europe, as we are the main supplier of a supermarket chain in Germany. However, our brands Laila- Redly are well represented in Asia, the Middle East and South Africa as well. As the leading cherry exporter company of Turkey, last year we exported over 8.000 tons of cherries which is over 10% of Turkey’s cherry export and we are planning to make it 10.000 tons this season. Volume expectations of crops are different for each region, but with the increasing plantations every year, we can expect a higher crop by the end of the season. The early harvesting areas tend to have a lower volume this year, so kick-off prices could be slightly higher than previous years.”

“Last year Ana Fruit opened the doors for cherry export to South Korea and some other countries. Our goal is to maintain our place in these markets as well as present our brands in new other destinations. With only a few days left to the start of our cherry season, we’re already geared up for our clients to have the best experience with Ana fruit, as always!” Guven concludes.

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