Ana Fruit, established in 1995 is a family company with its history of half a century, producing and exporting fresh fruit. Our ultimate goal is to supply the highest quality Turkish fruits worldwide and ensure customer satisfation with the freshest fruits on the market.

Along with the fruits gathered from our own orchards diligently prepared for the harvest, we also ship the most delicious fruits from the gardens of finest growers such as Cherry, Pomegranate, Apple, Quince and Fig, packing them in a premium way in a short period of time to deliver without breaking the safe food chain.

As a leading fresh cherry grower and exporter of the Turkey, in last decade we have become a wellknown producer & supplier of pomegranate and apple for the importers from many countries. It is our proud to deliver the highest quality delicious fruits with fastest channels to our customers from 4 continents and more than 30 countries of the world. Our brands Laila and Redly set the standards for the world.






As the greatest adventage of being a family company, the inheritance of experience to the third generation makes us a young and dynamic team with required knowledge.

Ana fruit has always adopted an accessible and solution-oriented approach with 24/7 customer support.

Our consistent understanding of quality and strong relationships with our customers enable us to make long-term business.

Our packing facilities and cold storages, expanding and developing year by year, enables us to deliver the freshest fruits in the shortest time possible.

Ana fruit always offers its customers delicately selected, good quality fresh fruit at competitive prices in the fastest way possible without breaking the cold chain ring.

After years of successful fresh cherry and pomegranate exports to importers, supermarkets and distinguished buyers around the world, now we provide year-round fruit supply by apple exports on which we have focused for recent years.


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